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*需具備 Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign 等軟體技能


*需具備 AutoCAD / SketchUp / Rhino / Illustrator / Photoshop 等軟體技能






如果對於我們頗有興趣,相信在這之中一定有屬於您的位置。歡迎隨時提供各類形式的履歷 (不在乎年齡、性別、國籍、背景、學歷。惟內容請務必包含過去經歷、頭照、期盼的職位,也請務必保持非誠勿擾的態度撰寫)。

[ 備註 ] 偶爾不定時的,我們會較為急迫需要特定夥伴的加入,都會於上方欄位公告需求與條件。屆時,將會優先處理。

*信件主旨請依照右列格式: [ 應徵 ] XXXX(職位) for Plan b Inc. by XXX(姓名)





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We believe there will always be a place for you as you share the same vision with us. Welcome to provide all kinds of portfolio / CV (In any ages, gender, nations, background and education experiences are welcome. Please specify working experiences, position desired and provide a profile photo. Must apply in genuine!)

[ Note ] Occasionally, we will recruit specific partners join us. All requirements and qualifications will be announced here and prioritize in process.

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